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DNA testing

Genetic testing allows for a greater understanding of your body. You are unique and complex. DNA testing empowers you to make smarter choices about your nutrition, lifestyle and activity.

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"This Gene-Diet test takes all the guesswork out of knowing how to manage your weight. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, you’ll get a blueprint of which foods your body needs (and what to avoid). All your questions will be answered such as whether you are at risk for obesity, if you are prone to addiction, whether you should be eating certain food groups and which micronutrients your body needs. 

Your DNA plays a very big part in the regulation of your body weight. Studies show that up to 70% of your risk for being overweight is determined by your genes. Your DNA also provides information about your feeding behaviours, natural appetite control, the fat burning process, your genetic need for physical exercise in order to maintain a healthy body weight, and your sensitivity to dietary fat and carbohydrates." - Geneway 

Cost: R3 220.00 (Excluding feedback session) 

Cost: R4 129.20 (Including feedback session)



"The Gene-Well test equips you with powerful information regarding your overall health and wellness, as well as which illnesses you may be genetically predisposed to such as diabetes, heart disease, or blood clotting and more importantly, what you can do to avoid those illnesses occurring. Prevention is better than cure. Knowing what your risks are will enable you to make changes to prevent the onset of these conditions." - Geneway 

Cost: R3 910.00  (Excluding feedback session) 

Cost: R4 819.20  (Including feedback session)

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"Your questions about your sports potential, injury risk and muscular fatigue will finally be answered by doing the Gene-Sport test. You’ll also find out whether your body is better positioned for anaerobic (power/ strength) or aerobic (endurance) sports, as well as how well your body responds to exercise and which supplements you need to perform at your best. If you’re an athlete, sportsman or enthusiastic about your fitness, this test is for you." - Geneway


Cost: R3 220.00 (Excluding feedback session) 

Cost: R4 129.20 (Including feedback session)

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"The Gene-Renew test will tell you everything you need to know about the way your skin will age, your sensitivity to the sun, your tendency for pigmentation, which products you should use, for example, whether you should be taking collagen supplements and more. It tells you everything you need to know to get one step ahead of the ageing process and how to achieve the healthiest glow." - Geneway 

Cost: R3 220.00 (Excluding feedback session) 

Cost: R4 129.20 (Including feedback session)



"The Gene-Combo test is the most cost-effective way to access several Geneway tests in one. This is the most comprehensive test and includes the Gene-Well, Gene-Sport, Gene-Diet and Gene-Renew. It will give you a full understanding of all aspects of your DNA and will equip you to manage your health to its full potential. This is the best value for money." - Geneway 

Cost: R4 542.50 (Excluding feedback session) 

Cost: R5 451.70 (Including feedback session)

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