Breakfast Bagel

By Kirstin Sylvester (Registered dietitian)

This recipe is perfect for the days you have additional vegetables you’d like to utilise while creating a flavourful breakfast.

Often towards the end of the week, you may have a few vegetables you’d like to use to avoid food wastage; however, there aren’t enough for an entire dish. In such cases, I love creating a tomato-based relish that can be used for toast, bagels, pasta dishes etc.

To make this delicious breakfast bagel combine the following ingredients for your tomato relish, guacamole and plate up.

Tomato relish: Combine all the ingredients over low heat until reduced to a relish consistency.

Two peppers

Three tomatoes

¼ cup canned whole tomatoes

½ onion

A dash of vegetable stock

½ cup water

1 tbsp oat bran

A sprinkle of Italian spices, sweet basil, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper.

Guacamole: Mash with a fork and combine.

One avocado

A squeeze of lemon

1 Tablespoon pickled red onion

A sprinkle of pepper

Once the two steps above have been completed, take your bagel and cut it in half.

Place the top half of the bagel in a pan, crack an egg into the centre, and cook over low heat until cooked to the desired consistency.

To plate up:

  1. Place half the bagel (without egg) on the centre of the plate, top with guacamole.

  2. Spread the delicious tomato relish over the guacamole.

  3. Finalise the dish by adding the other half of the bagel with egg and enjoy it as a warm, flavour-filled bagel on the go.

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