Lactose intolerance and why reaching for an imPRESSice may add variety into your diet while avoiding

By Kirstin Sylvester (Registered dietitian)

You may have heard that many people are stating they avoid dairy products because they are

lactose intolerant. Lactose, commonly found in milk or dairy products, refers to sugar or

carbohydrate composed of galactose and glucose.

While many adults identify themselves as lactose intolerant without a diagnosis, this is often

based on gastrointestinal symptoms they experience, such as cramps, nausea, abdominal pain and

alternating diarrhoea and constipation. It is important to note that true lactose intolerance is a

medical diagnosis based on specific gastrointestinal testing for the activity of the enzyme lactase.

The role of lactase is to break down lactose in milk and dairy products.

Typically lactose intolerance is seen more commonly in older children than younger children,

with a common symptom being abdominal pain. The cause of lactose intolerance is either a

primary lactase deficiency where there is a relative or total absence of the lactase enzyme or a

secondary deficiency caused by an injury to the small bowel by an acute infection.

Both a primary or secondary lactase deficiency may not require the total elimination of dairy

from the diet. Dairy containing foods are often important sources of calcium, vitamin D and

other nutrients. In some cases, dairy products may be spaced throughout the day or eaten with

other foods for better tolerance.

When it comes to the delicious and creamy imPRESSice lollies, the creamy base of the lollies is

made from a combination of brown rice milk and coconut milk, plant-based options that do not

contain dairy.

If you are trying to minimize the amount of dairy in your diet, ice cream can often be a tricky

food to part with. imPRESSice lollies do not contain dairy but satisfy a creamy ice cream

craving. If you are lactose intolerant and trying to reduce or minimize your dairy intake,

consuming imPRESSice lollies may allow you to enjoy your favourite food without additional

gastrointestinal pain or discomfort.

Whether you are reaching for imPRESSice because it is plant-based or you suffer from lactose

intolerance, the range has many options to meet everyone in the family's needs. My personal

favourite is "Zee" . She is something like strawberry sherbet, creamy, fresh and absolutely


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