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The field of dietetics comprises of three key pillars: food service administration, community nutrition and therapeutic nutrition. Kirstin understands each pillar's importance and value on its own and the connection between all three as being intertwined. Thus her services offered cater to all aspects of nutrition to meet individual, community and societal needs.

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Kirstin Sylvester - Individual consultations

8 Week online program

Are you ready to shift your priorities and make time to become a  healthier version of yourself?

Sign up for the 8-week program here, spots are limited.

Kirstin Sylvester - Menu Planning

Menu Planning

Dietitians play a crucial role in shaping the food industry to ensure they meet consumers' changing demands. Kirstin offers menu planning services to creches, tuck shops and schools. For many children, the majority of their dietary intake is consumed away from home.

Thus, these institutions must offer nutritious meals and snacks to meet the needs of toddlers, children and teenagers.

Request a 7-day individual meal plan with a template for food shopping.


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Kirstin Sylvester - Shopping Consultations

Shopping Consultations

With an ever-changing food landscape,  Kirstin offers food shopping assistance. She will walk through your local food store with you providing education on label reading, menu planning and meal budgeting. This helps simplify the choices and eliminates confusion often experienced by various products on offer in supermarkets.

Duration 90-120 minutes 

Kirstin Sylvester - Nutrition education sessions

Nutrition education sessions,

Events and Corporate wellness days

Nutrition education is fundamental in creating behaviour change. Kirstin offers educational talks to schools, antenatal and postnatal groups, corporates and more.

She aims to empower through education of simplified nutrition messages translated from complicated nutrition and food science. In this way, she is making a healthier choice, the more straightforward option.

Collaboration imPRESSice

Media Collaborations

As a registered dietitian with a passion for

evidence-based nutrition, Kirstin is a trusted voiced to share valuable food, cooking, health and lifestyle content with her social media following. Kirstin enjoys working with brands that align with her ethos through brand partnerships and collaborations. Services include but are not limited to: 

Branded blog content, consulting, media interviews and social media sharing.

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DNA testing

Genetic testing allows for a greater understanding of your body. You are unique and complex. DNA testing empowers you to make smarter choices about your nutrition, lifestyle and activity. 

GeneWay DNA testing is available at the practice with a simple and painless mouth swab. Once the swab has been sent to the lab for analysis results will be received within 2-4 weeks.

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